Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) Service

Decipher any genome
using NGS

Competitive Pricing

We will do all we can to stretch your research ringgit

Online Quotation System

Instant price quotation for registered customers

Prompt Support 24/7

We are here to help to answer any enquiries

OFFER Free Q-Plex™ 4-plex ELISA kit with purchase

Q-Plex™ Multiplex ELISA for protein detection

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Ames Test for colorimetric Detection of Mutagenic activity

Oxidative Stress Assay Kits

Wide range of indicators related to oxidative stress

Chicken IgY Antibody Production

The most human way of raising antibodies

Ampli1™ Whole Genome Amplification

Every cell has a story to tell™

COVID-19 Extraction Solutions

High quality extraction kits used by CDC worldwide
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