Ampli1™ Whole Genome Amplification

Ampli1™ Whole Genome Amplification (WGA) Kit

Balanced, robust whole genome amplification from single cells

The Ampli™ Whole Genome Amplification (WGA) kit has been developed and optimized for balanced and complete amplification of the total DNA content of a single cell. The output of the Ampli1 WGA protocol is a well-balanced library of approximately 19 million fragments representing the entire genome. This DNA library is ideally suited for downstream analysis of both SNPs and CNV in single cells, due to its low rate of preferential amplification.

ampli WGA kit

Key Features

Publication: Comparison of whole genome amplification techniques for human single cell exome sequencing

AMPLI1 vs MALBAC, Repli-G and PicoPlex

whole genome amplification WGA In this study four commercial kits for WGA (AMPLI1, MALBAC, Repli-G and PicoPlex) were used to amplify human single cells. The WGA products were exome sequenced together with non-amplified bulk samples from the same source. The resulting data was evaluated in terms of genomic coverage, allelic dropout and SNP calling. Ampli1 was recommended for WGA of single cells.

Single tube protocol ideal for all sample types

The Ampli1 WGA Kit is designed to provide optimal whole genome amplification—not only from samples containing DNA from a few cells, but from DNA obtained from one single cell. Input DNA may be derived from fresh, fixed, and/or stained cells.

Following cell lysis, DNA is digested with a restriction enzyme and adaptors are ligated onto the DNA fragments. Amplification, performed in the same tube, is mediated by a single highly specific PCR primer for all 19 million fragments.

ampli1 protocol
ampli1 vs wga

Reliable, Reproducible, Balanced Single Cell Amplification

On a whole genome sequencing test, The Ampli1™ WGA Kit has demonstrated a significantly lower ADO
(allelic drop out) rate (2%) as compared with Multiple Displacement Amplification (MDA) (up to 65%).
In addition, the percentage of genomic sequence amplified by the Ampli1™ WGA method is two-fold higher as compared with other PCR based methods (74% vs. 36%).