Bioinformatics Data Analysis Service

bioinformatics data analysis stand-alone


Having trouble analysing your NGS or microarray raw data? Don’t want to spend tens of thousands of ringgit just to purchase NGS or microarray software for a one-off project? Our experienced in-house bioinformatician could help and tailor made analysis package for your research needs.

MBIO provides stand-alone bioinformatics analysis for your NGS or microarray data to help you making biological interpretation of your result.

Bioinformatics Service Workflow


Request A Quote

Contact Team MBIO for your NGS project. Our experienced staffs will provide you free consultation on the choice of sequencing method and experimental design.

Determine Project Requirement

Team MBIO will contact you to determine the scope of analysis and your specific requirements.

Get your publication-ready sequencing result!

Upon the completion of our data analysis, our dedicated bioinformatician will have a post-project consultation to explain the analysis report to you.