Our Brands

We are proud to present you the following brands.

ldn LDN is specialized in the development, production and marketing of immunoassays for in-vitro diagnostics, biomedical research and food control.

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mbioscience Mbioscience aims to bring you the best research tools to enabling ground-breaking research.

biogems BioGems offers conjugated antibodies validated for Flow Cytometry, including CD and other markers of key cellular processes, recombinant proteins, isotype controls, buffers, dyes and more.

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Biomedal Diagnostics Biomedal offers rapid tools to detect harmful agents in food. Their tools include gluten detection tests (GlutenTox), food allergen detection and a rapid test kit to analyze the quality of used frying oil (Oleotest).

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calbiotech Calbiotech has over 30 years of experience in immunoassay development and manufacturing. Their products include ELISAs for autoimmune disorders, cancer markers, salivary ELISA, steroid markers and infectious diseases.

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charm sciences Charm Sciences is the global leader in rapid diagnostic tests for dairy, food and beverage, feed & grain, water and health care industries.

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helica Helica Biosystems, Inc. is a leading edge in vitro assay developer and manufacturer that provides highly accurate, yet simple tests focused on food safety and life science research applications.

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komabiotech Komabiotech manufactures high quality life science products including protein electrophoresis systems & pre-cast gels, PCR reagents, transfection reagent, nucleic acid purification kits and ELISA kits for cytokines & immunoglobulins.

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stressmarqStressMarq supplies immunoassays to support heat shock and cellular stress research community worldwide. They also have a growing line of antibodies to ion channel, cell signaling and other areas.

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Quansys Biosciences Quansys Biosciences develops Q-Plex™ Multiplex ELISA Arrays that aide scientists in better understanding disease and maximize the data generated with each precious sample at a lower cost per data point.

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gallus immunotechGallus Immunotech was founded in 1994 to promote the remarkable and humane process of developing polyclonal antibodies in chickens.

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Diaclone Immunoassays With over 25 years of experience, Diaclone has firmly established itself as a centre of excellence in Monoclonal Antibody research and Immunoassay development. Their products include ELISpot, Multiplex Bead Assays, ELISA, and Monoclonal Abs.

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zytomed Zytomed Systems provides high quality antibodies, high-sensitive detection systems,and IVD-registered reagents to support pathology diagnostics.

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lifetein LifeTein has a simple vision: to increase both the quality and understanding of life one protein at a time. They offer custom peptide synthesis service, custom antibody service, &custom chemical synthesis service.

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aat bioquest AAT Bioquest specializes in the area of photometric detections including absorption (color), fluorescence and luminescence technologies for life sciences research, diagnostic R&D and drug discovery.

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ribosolutionsArbor Assays manufactures high sensitivity assay kits, high-purity inhibitors, and antibodies for drug discovery and basic biomedical research.

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Gemini Bio Gemini Bio is a provider of cell culture products with a growing portfolio of products includes a wide range of human and animal sera including FBS from a wide range of origins, as well as many related products for cell culture laboratory use.

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life diagnostics Life Diagnostics Inc., a biotech firm based in Pennsylvania, USA, manufactures high quality ELISA kits, purified biomarkers and related antibodies for use in cardiovascular, inflammation, immunotoxicity and immunology research.

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biomedica immunoassays Biomedica Immunoassays provides internationally recognized, high quality ELISAs for clinical research in the field of cardiovascular diseases as well as bone and mineral disorders. Most of their assays are CE marked and ready for use in IVD.

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chondrex inc Chondrex provides premium reagents for arthritis research to academic, biotech, and pharmaceutical laboratories all over the world. It also provides reagents for other important inflammatory diseases such as nephritis and allergic asthma.

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EBPI EBPI is a biotech company specializing in the manufacture and custom application of simple, rapid, and cost effective methods for detection and monitoring of toxic, mutagenic, and genotoxic materials.

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yikon genomics Yikon Genomics develops clinical sequencing applications for a single-cell whole-genome amplification method (MALBAC) from Harvard University, focusing on prenatal and preimplantation screening, as well as cancer diagnostics.

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antigenix america Antigenix America is a supplier of immunology research products. It specializes in development of immunology products for Cytokine Biology, Flow Cytometry (Super-X Plex®), Immunohistology, Western Blot, and ELISA.

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hyglosHyglos GmbH offers innovative products for the endotoxin detection, recovery and removal based on its advanced, proprietary phage-ligand technology.

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