CleanPlex UMI (Unique Molecular Identifier) for cfDNA & ctDNA sequencing and liquid biopsy

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Most advanced amplicon-based molecular barcoding solution for cancer liquid biopsy

CleanPlex® UMI Technology is a multiplex PCR or amplicon-based NGS targeted sequencing technology for precise tumor DNA analysis. It features a highly advanced proprietary primer design algorithm and an innovative, patented molecular barcoding chemistry. Together, they allow CleanPlex UMI Ready-to-Use and Custom NGS Panels to confidently detect low-frequency variants in cell-free (tumor) DNA (cfDNA and ctDNA) and FFPE DNA in cancer liquid biopsy and tumor profiling applications.

CleanPlex UMI targeted library preparation protocol

The CleanPlex UMI protocol involves 3 simple steps, each consisting of a thermal cycling or incubation reaction followed by a library purification using magnetic beads. The streamlined protocol can be completed in just 3.5 hours. The only instrument required to complete the protocol is a thermal cycler.
cleanplex NGS UMI target enrichment library prep
Cleanplex molecular barcoding

CleanPlex UMI Molecular Barcoding chemistry

The first step of the CleanPlex UMI workflow is a multiplex PCR reaction that uses UMI-labeled target-specific primers to barcode and amplify targets of interest. The second step is a biochemical reaction that resolves the correct UMIs by removing PCR products carrying redundant and partial UMIs. The last step is an amplification reaction that uses CleanPlex Unique Dual-Indexed PCR Primers, which ensures sample demultiplexing with high accuracy, to amplify and add sample-level indexes to the NGS libraries. CleanMag® Magnetic Beads are recommended for library purification.