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About Cytokines and Chemokines

Chemokines have been defined as small cytokines involved in the migration and activation of cells such as lymphocytes and phagocytic cells, playing a central role in inflammation. The term itself is a combination of chemotaxis and cytokine (“CHEMOtactic cytoKINES”).

In addition to inflammation, chemokines are major regulators of malignancy and are produced by tumor cells. All cells are likely able to produce chemokines under certain conditions. Chemokines are redundant in their action on target cells and chemokine/receptor interactions are promiscuous with receptors interacting with multiple ligands. Chemokines are present in the human plasma proteome at higher concentrations than cytokines making them easier to detect and quantify using ELISA and mass spectroscopy techniques.

q-plex array kit

Chemokine receptors are seven-transmembrane domain spanning G protein-coupled receptors (7TM GPCR) expressed mainly on the surface of leukocytes. Heterotrimeric G-proteins associate with the intracellular domains of chemokine receptors. Specific interactions with chemokines binding to the extracellular domains of chemokine receptors lead to triggering of the receptor and dissociation of the heterotrimeric G-protein complex into the Ga and Gbg subunits. These second messengers then play a critical role in activation of the various signal transduction cascades, leading to directed leukocyte locomotion and other responses driven by chemokines.

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ELISA Combo Kit for Cytokines and Immunoglobulins

 elisa combo kit

You can select 2 cytokines or 2 immunoglobulins in one 96 well plate to measure them all at the same time.

  • In one kit, you carry 2 different cytokines assay (48 wells for each cytokine)
  • Pre-coated 12 x 8 strip well format
  • Measurement of cytokines / immunoglobulins in serum, plasma, cell culture supernatant, urine and saliva
  • Broad kit collection ranges for human, mouse, rat
  • Complete kit for complete quantitative ELISA
  • Available as Pink-ONE format with colored Assay Diluent and TMB to avoid pipeting error
pink-one format

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Available Cytokines for Cytokine ELISA Combo Kit

Analytes Standard Format Pink-ONE Format
BD-1, Human K0331251 K0331251P
BD-2, Human K0331208 K0331208P
BD-3, Human K0331271 K0331271P
BD-4, Human K0331272 K0331272P
bFGF, Human K0331192 K0331192P
BMP-2, Human K0331274 K0331274P
CNTF, Human K0331254 K0331254P
EGF, Human K0331115 K0331115P
EGF, Mouse K0331228 K0331228P
EGF, Rat K0331263 K0331263P
Eotaxin-3, Human K0331188 K0331188P
G-CSF, Mouse K0331226 K0331226P
GM-CSF, Human K0331120 K0331120P
GM-CSF, Mouse K0331137 K0331137P
GM-CSF, Rat K0332132 K0332132P
HGF, Human K0332101 K0332101P
ICAM-1, Human K0331281 K0331281P
IFN-gamma, Human K0331121 K0331121P
IFN-gamma, Mouse K0331138 K0331138P
IFN-gamma, Rat K0331209 K0331209P
IGF-I, Human K0332112 K0332112P
IGF-I, Mouse K0331225 K0331225P
IL-1 alpha, Human K0331125 K0331125P
IL-1 alpha, Mouse K0331141 K0331141P
IL-1 alpha, Rat K0331211 K0331211P
IL-1 beta, Mouse K0331231 K0331231P
IL-1 beta, Rat K0331212 K0331212P
IL-10, Human K0331123 K0331123P
IL-10, Mouse K0331213 K0331213P
IL-10, Rat K0332134 K0332134P
IL-12, Human K0331124 K0331124P
IL-12, Mouse K0331139 K0331139P
IL-13, Human K0331235 K0331235P
IL-13, Mouse K0331201 K0331201P
IL-15, Human K0331260 K0331260P
IL-17, Mouse K0331268 K0331268P
IL-17A, Human K0331207 K0331207P
IL-17E, Human K0331198 K0331198P
IL-2, Human K0331193 K0331193P
IL-2, Mouse K0331142 K0331142P
IL-2, Rat K0332100 K0332100P
IL-2, Rat K0332100 K0332100P
IL-20, Human K0331190 K0331190P
IL-21, Human K0331236 K0331236P
IL-21, Mouse K0331269 K0331269P
IL-22, Human K0331234 K0331234P
IL-3, Human K0331126 K0331126P
IL-3, Mouse K0331143 K0331143P
IL-31, Human K0331233 K0331233P
IL-33, Human K0331253 K0331253P
IL-4, Human K0331214 K0331214P
IL-4, Mouse K0331144 K0331144P
IL-4, Rat K0332133 K0332133P
IL-5, Human K0331127 K0331127P
IL-6, Human K0331194 K0331194P
IL-6, Mouse K0331230 K0331230P
IL-6, Rat K0331229 K0331229P
IL-7, Human K0331215 K0331215P
IL-8, Human K0331216 K0331216P
IL-9, Human K0331232 K0331232P
IP-10, Human K0331210 K0331210P
IP-10, Mouse K0331255 K0331255P
Leptin, Mouse K0331250 K0331250P
MCP-1, Human K0331218 K0331218P
MCP-1, Mouse K0331219 K0331219P
MCP-3, Mouse K0331270 K0331270P
M-CSF, Mouse K0331227 K0331227P
MIP-1 alpha, Human K0331195 K0331195P
MIP-1 alpha, Mouse K0331202 K0331202P
MIP-1 alpha, Rat K0331247 K0331247P
MIP-1 beta, Mouse K0331252 K0331252P
MIP-2, Mouse K0331217 K0331217P
NGF-beta, Human K0331220 K0331220P
PDGF-BB, Human K0331191 K0331191P
RANTES, Human K0331221 K0331221P
RANTES, Mouse K0331222 K0331222P
RANTES, Rat K0331223 K0331223P
Resistin, Human K0331199 K0331199P
SCF, Human K0331130 K0331130P
SCF, Mouse K0331148 K0331148P
SCF, Rat K0331204 K0331204P
sRANKL, Human K0331187 K0331187P
sRANKL, Mouse K0331203 K0331203P
TGF-beta 1, Human K0332110 K0332110P
TGF-beta 2, Human K0332120 K0332120P
TGF-beta 3, Human K0332130 K0332130P
TIMP-1, Human K0331280 K0331280P
TNF-alpha, Human K0331131 K0331131P
TNF-alpha, Mouse K0331186 K0331186P
TNF-alpha, Rat K0331196 K0331196P
TNF-beta, Human K0332131 K0332131P
TRAIL, Human K0331200 K0331200P
VEGF, Human K0331132 K0331132P
VEGF, Mouse K0331224 K0331224P
VEGF, Rat K0331261 K0331261P

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Available Immunoglobulin for Immunoglobulin ELISA Combo Kit

Analytes Standard Format Pink-ONE Format
Albumin, Bovine K3231001 K3231001P
Albumin, Human K3231006 K3231006P
Albumin, Mouse K3231007 K3231007P
Albumin, Pig K3231008 K3231008P
Albumin, Rat K3231131 K3231131P
IgA, Bovine K3231012 K3231012P
IgA, Chicken K3231034 K3231034P
IgA, Human K3231064 K3231064P
IgA, Mouse K3231081 K3231081P
IgA, Pig K3231092 K3231092P
IgA, Rat K3231104 K3231104P
IgE, Human K3231066 K3231066P
IgE, Mouse K3231082 K3231082P
IgE, Rat K3231126 K3231126P
IgG, Bovine K3231014 K3231014P
IgG, Chicken K3231089 K3231089P
IgG, Human K3231067 K3231067P
IgG, Mouse K3231083 K3231083P
IgG, Pig K3231094 K3231094P
IgG, Rat K3231009 K3231009P
IgM, Bovine K3231020 K3231020P
IgM, Chicken K3231033 K3231033P
IgM, Human K3231069 K3231069P
IgM, Mouse K3231088 K3231088P
IgM, Pig K3231096 K3231096P
IgM, Rat K3231110 K3231110P


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