Diaclone Multiplex Bead-Based DIAplex Assays

Diaclone's DIAplex by MBIOBIOSCIENCE

• Introduction of Diaclone DIAplex Bead-based Immunoassays
• How DIAplex works
• Why use Diaclone's DIAplex kits?
• Diaclone DIAplex: Formats Available
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Introduction Diaclone's DIAplex Bead-based Immunoassays

Diaclone DIAplex is a sensitive multiplex fluorescent bead-based immunoassay for the simultaneous quantification of multiple analytes from a single sample by flow cytometry.

Utilising bead populations with distinct fluorescence intensities and unique antibody specificities, Diaclone DIAplex can accurately measure multiple analytes in a single sample with a significantly reduced assay time and sample volume requirement when compared to traditional ELISA techniques.

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How DIAplex works

diaplex workflow by MBIOSCIENCE

1. Antibodies highly specific to the analytes to be detected are coupled to fluorescently labelled detection beads. Each bead is analogous to an individually coated well in an ELISA providing a capture surface for a specific analyte.

2. One (simplex) or more (multiplex) populations of the beads are combined in suspension with the sample or standard under test. Any analytes present in the sample will bind to the specific antibodies linked to the fluorescent beads.

3. A biotin-conjugated antibody mixture is then added which binds to any analytes captured by the first antibodies.

4. Streptavidin-Phycoerythrin (PE) is added, which binds to the biotin conjugates and emits a yellow fluorescent signal.

5. The unique size and fluroescent signature of each bead is differentiated by flow cytometry.

6. Following sample data acquisition using a flow cytometer, analyte concentration in the test sample is calculated simply by using the DIAplex analysis software provided.


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Why use Diaclone's DIAplex?

  • Sensitive multiplex fluorescent bead-based immunoassay for the simultaneous detection of multiple analytes in a single sample by flow cytometry
  • Detection of up to 10 analytes
  • Reduced sample volume requirement
  • Compatible with most flow cytometer systems
  • Free easy-to-use analysis software provided
  • Equivalent performance to ELISA

Flexible By Design

  • DIAplex Complete – pre-configured panels
  • DIAplex Design – create your own panel
  • Human and Murine panels available
diaclone's immunoassays from MBIOSCIENCE

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Diaclone's DIAplex: Formats Available

DIAplex Complete

DIAplex Complete provides multiplex assay sets which are preconfigured for the detection of a panel of analytes for investigation of a specific scientific area. An individual experiment can provide measurements of several analytes from a single sample. Available as 96 tests per Analyte.

DIAplex Complete
Panel Cat # (Anti-Human) Th1 880.110.004 4-plex Th2 880.120.003 3-plex Th1/Th2 880.140.007 7-plex Inflammation 880.130.004 4-plex Th1/Th2/Inflammation 880.100.010 10-plex

Diaclone DIAplex Design

DIAplex Design combines the benefits of multiplexing with the ability to design your own analyte detection panel. The assays have been designed for use individually (simplex) or combined to create any size flex system. Each combination is supplied with a DIAplex accessory kit. Available as 96 tests per Analyte.

DIAplex Design
Analyte (Anti-Human) Cat #
IFNγ 880.000.001
IL-1β 880.006.001
IL-2 880.010.001
IL-4 880.020.001
IL-6 880.030.001
IL-8 880.050.001
IL-10 880.060.001
IL-12p70 880.070.001
IL17A 880.940.001
TNF-α 880.090.001

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