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About Immunotoxicity

Anti-KLH, anti-SRBC, anti-tetanus toxoid, anti-DNP and anti-TNP IgM and IgG are routinely used as biomarkers of immunotoxicity. Life Diagnostics manufactures ELISA kits for these important biomarkers in mice, rats, chickens, and monkeys. In preclinical studies, animals are immunized with an immunogen such as KLH while being dosed with a drug candidate. Serum is collected at either 7 or ~ 21 days and the levels of anti-KLH IgM and IgG are determined and compared with those in a control group that was not exposed to the drug. A decrease in anti-KLH levels in the treatment group provides evidence of immunosuppression.

Immunotoxicity ELISA Kits from Life Diagnostics(Pennsylvania, USA)

Our rat and monkey anti-KLH IgG ELISA kits have recently been evaluated and gained unqualified approval in a respected independent laboratory (Validation of an ELISA assay for quantification of anti-KLH IgG in rat and monkey sera. CIT, Evreux, France. Armelle N. Guyen, Sandrine Arthaud, Phillipe Ancian and Roy Forster. Toxicology Letters, Volume 180, Supplement 1, 5 October 2008, Page S211).


Publications describing the use of LDI Immunotoxicity kits

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List of Immunotoxicity ELISA Kits

Anti-KLH IgG & IgM ELISA Kits
ELISA Kit Kit Instructions Catalog #
Mouse Anti-KLH IgM Insert 4000-1
Mouse Anti-KLH IgG Insert 4010-1
Rat Anti-KLH IgM Insert 4000-2
Rat Anti-KLH IgM with Controls Insert 4000-2C
Rat Anti-KLH IgG Insert 4010-2
Rat Anti-KLH IgG with Controls Insert 4010-2C
Guinea Pig Anti-KLH IgG Insert 4010-3
Monkey Anti-KLH IgM (ng/ml) Insert 4000-4-N
Monkey Anti-KLH IgM (ng/ml) (For Export)* Insert 4000-4-INT
Monkey Anti-KLH IgG1 (ng/ml) Insert 4010-4-1
Monkey Anti-KLH IgG (ng/ml) (For Export)* Insert 4010-4-INT
*Kits 4000-4-INT and 4010-4-INT use standard material of non monkey origin, allowing for exportation without CITES documentation.

Anti-Sheep Red Blood Cell IgG & IgM ELISA Kits

ELISA Kit Kit Instructions Catalog #
Mouse Anti-SRBC IgM Insert 4200-1
Mouse Anti-SRBC IgG Insert 4210-1
Rat Anti-SRBC IgM Insert 4200-2
Rat Anti-SRBC IgG Insert 4210-2
Chicken Anti-SRBC IgM Insert 4200-5
Chicken Anti-SRBC IgG Insert 4210-5

Anti-Tetanus Toxoid IgG & IgM ELISA Kits

ELISA Kit Kit Instructions Catalog #
Rat Anti-Tetanus Toxoid IgM Insert 4300-2
Rat Anti-Tetanus Toxoid IgG Insert 4310-2
Monkey Anti-Tetanus Toxoid IgM (ng/ml) Insert 4300-4-N
Monkey Anti-Tetanus Toxoid IgG1 (ug/ml) Insert 4310-4-1

Anti-DNP IgG & IgM ELISA Kits

ELISA Kit Kit Instructions Catalog #
Mouse Anti-DNP IgM Insert 4500-1
Mouse Anti-DNP IgG Insert 4510-1
Rat Anti-DNP IgM Insert 4500-2
Rat Anti-DNP IgG Insert 4510-2

Anti-TNP IgG & IgM ELISA Kits

Mouse Anti-TNP IgM Insert 4600-1
Mouse Anti-TNP IgG Insert 4610-1

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