Q Plex Multiplex

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Our multiplexed ELISA kits, called Q-Plex™ measure the concentration of multiple proteins in each sample. Quantify cytokines, chemokines, hormones, and other common disease indicating proteins with standard or custom kits. Q-Plex Arrays are built by printing nano spots in defined arrays of multiple distinct capture antibodies in each well of a multiwell plate. Multiplexed ELISAs maximize data generation from each sample, and provide a low cost per data point.

Traditional Enzyme-Linked Immunosorbent assays (ELISA), have been used for decades in research and development, disease diagnosis and other critical fields in science. Multiplexed ELISAs offer the same time proven reliability with updated efficiency. Mutliplexed ELISAs have been developed to provide the sensitivity of ELISA with the ability to test for multiple analytes at the same time. With Q-Plex scientists can measure up to 25 distinct analytes in each well of a 96-well plate.

  • Measuring multiple analytes in each well gives you more data for your time and sample.
  • Fully quantitative results with low pg/mL sensitivity
  • Most Q-Plex Arrays run in only 2-3 hours
  • Easy-to-use protocol is similar to traditional ELISA making multiplexing simple and intuitive
  • Lower price per data point than traditional ELISA and other multiplexing methods
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Q-Plex™ Assays consists of

  • Q-Plex™ Array: Choose from our multiplex or single-plex selection of kits
  • Q-View™ Software: Q-View™ Software is a powerful tool for quantitative analysis of Q-Plex™ Arrays and other chemiluminescent or IR based assays.
  • Q-View™ Imaging System: Harvest the power of Q-Plex assays with the accompanying Q-View Imaging System. This optimized imaging system includes Q-View Software and the Q-View Imager. Q-Plex Arrays can also be imaged using third party chemiluminescent and IR imagers commonly found in labs.

Q-View™ Imager Pro

The Q-View Imager Pro is a high-resolution chemiluminescence imager for microplates and blots with automation compatibility. Its cooled high quantum efficiency sensor and clinical-grade optics are paired with advanced image acquisition algorithms which combine to reduce noise and maximize sensitivity. The full feature set of the Q-View Imager Pro provides high sensitivity, high throughput data to save you even more time, sample, and money.

Q-View™ Software

Q-View™ Software is a powerful tool for quantitative analysis of Q-Plex™ Arrays and other chemiluminescent or IR based assays. This software program acquires, views, and analyzes microplate images. The software is optimized for use with the Q-View™ Imager Pro and the Q-View™ Imager LS, and also works well with a variety of other imaging systems.