Request A Quote Guide

Guide on using Request A Quote features

1. Find your products of interest

Search for products from the “Products” tab in the main menu. Or browse products by research area by selecting the “Research “Area button from the main menu.

On the Shop page, you could browse the products by categories.

On the individual product page, you could browse the products by clicking at tags (keywords).

2. Add products to the quotation list

Select the product you would like to have on your quotation and click the button “Add to quote”.

3. View your list or continue to browse our shop

The product is now added to your quotation. You could view the list by clicking or clicking the quote list button (shopping bag icon on the top right).

4. Send your quote request

Once you are done with your list, go to the quote list and send the request by filling in the contact form. Please make sure you key in all the required fields.

5. Get a coffee and wait for our quotation!

After you have clicked the button “Send Your Request”, you will receive an email notification informing your quote request has been sent. You will then receive quotation from Team MBIO via email within 6 hours!